Health and safety

The safety and health of people is a core value in all our activities and is integrated into our DNA as a priority lever in our operation.

Zero accident target

We work to prevent accidents and detect and correct unsafe behaviour through a holistic approach to wellbeing that encompasses physical, mental and socio-economic well-being, with a focus on the goal of zero accidents by 2030.

How will we achieve this?

Security leadership culture

Identifying and correcting unsafe behaviours

Reporting and analysis of all accidents and incidents

Monitoring of proactive indicators

Linking these objectives to variable remuneration

Continuous monitoring

We improve our processes

We improve continuously and in an integrated way in every step of our processes: facilities, production, transport, dispatch and also the services we provide to the site.

We set monthly targets

Our management is oriented towards the prevention of occupational risks through operational discipline. On a monthly basis, we define the most critical issues in each factory with the aim of establishing, for the following month, a series of habits to be achieved, which we communicate through specific training.

We train our team

Through the safety culture transformation project, we enhance the development of safety competencies and knowledge among supervisors and middle management.

We take preventive measures

We ensure the use of specialised equipment, preventive assessments for the entire workforce and regular measurements in all factories related to crystalline silica inhalation protection procedures.

Professional development