23 PROMSA concrete plants measure their environmental footprint through a WTP

PROMSA obtains the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for its concrete, an opportunity for more sustainable constructions that are more committed to the planet.

The concrete produced in Promsa’s 23 plants in Catalonia obtains the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Certified by AENOR, the EPD provides information on the carbon footprint per m³ of the concrete manufactured, among many other aspects.

Over the years, Promsa has taken significant steps to reduce the CO₂ emissions associated with its products. For example, we use sustainable cements, with less clinker, made using alternative fuels and raw materials. In addition, the best technologies are applied to site service logistics and the reduction of energy consumption in the production plants.

Obtaining this EPD and its subsequent renewals will make it possible to follow the roadmap established at sector level: to reduce associated CO₂ emissions by 40% compared to 1990, with the aim of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. This certification has been managed by ANEFHOP (Spanish National Association of Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers) of which Promsa is a member.

The EPD shows the environmental profile of a product, i.e. the impact it has generated in its life cycle, in this case from the extraction of the raw materials to the placing on site. It is based on quantified and verifiable data, the result of which reflects a series of environmental aspects, including the carbon footprint or CO₂ equivalent per m³ of concrete produced.

A EPD is also a type III eco-label, which can be provided for buildings that qualify for a sustainable certification such as LEED, BREEAM or GREEN. Being in possession of this certification represents an advantage when it comes to obtaining a higher score for the calculation of the ICES (Index of Contribution of the Structure to Sustainability).

In short, it is an ideal tool for objective and transparent decision-making based on the environmental impact of the life cycle of materials, enabling action to be taken at the stages of the cycle with the greatest impact and thus effectively reduce it.

Choosing products with DAP is a guarantee of credibility when considering more sustainable constructions. The concrete supplied by Promsa’s plants already has the certified EPD, on which we continue to work to further reduce the environmental footprint of all our products.

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