Concrete delivery by helicopter at Cap de Llauset

PROMSA has participated in the extension works of the Cap de Llauset Refuge, located at an altitude of 2,425 m. A real challenge due to the difficulties of access and application.

The work carried out at the Cap de Llauset refuge is an example of what can be achieved by combining technical advice, product knowledge and the responsiveness of our sales team and the flooring division.

The Cap de Llauset Refuge is located at an altitude of 2,425 m and has recently been extended. The project has sought to integrate the most modern construction elements, both in the process and in the maintenance and management of the refuge. It is a bioclimatic installation that is different from all those existing to date, as it has been built with modern systems and materials, in line with the most modern refuges in countries such as Switzerland and Austria.

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