Integration of materials: new challenges for the sector

Promsa’s innovative proposal to solve the challenge of integrating new materials: Prosilence self-levelling mortar that adapts to multiple needs thanks to its unique properties.

The integration of materials, sustainability and technology are some of the challenges facing construction. A sector in full transformation, not only in terms of technology or construction procedures, but also in the use of new products and materials.

Day by day, more and more customers are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their activity and are demanding products with more added value, certification of origin, insulation, recyclability, durability, aesthetics, easy maintenance, etc.

In addition to all this, there are new architectural trends, which are more innovative and eager to integrate and contribute new materials with lighter, more durable and less impacting properties.

This encounter can create a “clash” between traditionally used materials and new ones, which can be difficult to integrate. In the case of Promsa’s Prosilence self-levelling mortar, this problem is solved thanks to the characteristics of this product and its ability to interact with other more traditional materials.

In one of the latest projects supplied by Promsa in Barcelona, we have seen how this mortar, which contains recycled plastic in its formulation, integrates perfectly with the needs of the spaces, giving homogeneity to the floor in a 100% wooden structure.

Thanks to its self-levelling properties and by pumping it, high performances are obtained on site. In addition, the recycled plastic it contains is much more insulating than other mortars and does not cause cracks. These cracks usually appear in new works where conventional self-levelling mortars are used, where the enclosures are not yet in place and therefore there are air currents that affect the setting and facilitate the appearance of these cracks.

Prosilence is an excellent product for this type of construction work, which is becoming more and more frequent, integrating perfectly and providing extra insulation thanks to its recycled material content.

At Promsa we are constantly researching the evolution of traditional products to meet new construction needs: we create high value products by applying eco-design techniques and we work every day to incorporate recycled products into our catalogue, contributing to a more sustainable portfolio adapted to new trends.