More safety: technological improvements in Promsa’s fleet

We have added six vehicles to our fleet of trucks with an innovative system: they do not have rear-view mirrors but a system of cameras with screens in the cab.

We have recently added two new Mercedes Benz vehicles to our fleet of concrete mixer trucks with a very innovative feature: they do not have rear-view mirrors, these have been replaced by a camera system with display screens inside the cab.

This technological improvement has a very positive impact, not only on the aesthetics of the truck itself, but the new system avoids possible breakage of the mirrors when accessing construction sites.

The rear-view mirrors of trucks have always been a weak point on construction sites with difficult access such as city streets, old town centres, narrow passages, etc. Spaces where visibility is poor and manoeuvring is required for safe and correct access. It is often necessary to change the position of the mirrors in order to gain access. This entails a risk for the driver as visibility is reduced, for vertical surfaces (lampposts, signposts, signs, etc.) and for pedestrians, who may not be detected by the driver.

The new system significantly improves safety for both the driver and pedestrians by eliminating the blind spot and increasing the visual.

Safety is a priority for PROMSA, the investment in this technology allows us to improve the visualisation system and we will incorporate it in all new trucks acquired for our fleet.

At the moment we have two trucks with this innovation and from next June we will incorporate four more trucks with the camera system for a total of 6 vehicles.

We continue to improve PROMSA’s fleet of lorries on a daily basis with the aim of improving the safety of everyone.