PROMSA TECH presents ProHeat Term

PROHEAT TERM is the new product in the PROMSA TECH range, a self-levelling mortar specially designed as a heat conductor, the best solution for screeds with underfloor heating.

Promsa’s constant innovation process is always aimed at providing the sector with products that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. For some years we have been developing the PROMSA TECH product line, a range characterised by technological innovation, specially designed to offer advanced solutions in the construction sector.

One of our driving forces is to improve in order to make a difference and add value for our customers. Promsa’s R&D&I committee plays a key role in helping us to find new creative and innovative solutions. This is how the new PROHEAT TERM was born, the result of detecting the needs of our customers and the work of our professionals.

PROHEAT TERM mortar is specially designed for high efficiency and energy performance flooring, such as radiant floors or construction solutions where high thermal conductivity is required. Its formulation contains technological additives, based on graphene, which makes it an efficient product with high energy performance, designed for the most sustainable building or industrial solutions.

The new mortar is applied on site once it has been manufactured in the concrete plant, thus achieving homogeneity in the product and traceability that guarantees its quality.

Its easy application, thanks to the pumping equipment and hoses, allows the process to be quick and clean, achieving high yields and without generating waste on site.

We invite you to watch the video to learn more about our product:

Watch PROHEAT video