PROMSA, the first company in the country to obtain the mark for coarse recycled aggregates.

Promsa, the first company in the country to obtain the mark for coarse recycled aggregates, produced in the MPA plant for the recovery of waste.

The Alternative Raw Materials Plant (MPA) was born out of Promsa’s commitment to the environment, sustainability and activities that promote the circular economy are pillars on which our daily work is based. In this facility we provide a second life to non-hazardous industrial construction waste. These will then be used as raw materials, including them back into the value chain of our construction materials and products. We are very proud that at the MPA plant 100% of the incoming waste is recovered and we have a waste treatment capacity of 95,000T per year.

One of the output products that we manufacture from concrete waste is recycled aggregates. Thanks to a controlled production process, which allows us to obtain a high quality material, we have achieved a new marking for coarse recycled aggregates. This marking complies with all the requirements of the Structural Code which, from November 2021, replaces the EHE-08 standard. A great achievement that has made us the first company in the country to obtain the marking for coarse recycled aggregates.

Research and development allow us to move forward; to continuously improve and adapt to customer requirements, designing innovative solutions in harmony with the environment and society. Cementos Molins’ commitment to the environment is intrinsically linked to our business model, based on the development of sustainable and innovative materials for the construction sector.

We are convinced that our proactive approach to sustainability and the circular economy brings us closer to our 2030 decarbonisation target.

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