Promsa upgrades Ariblack’s Environmental Plant

In order to increase its production, Promsa has upgraded and refurbished the steel aggregate Environment plant.

Coinciding with the relocation of the iron and steel aggregate plant to the same facilities of Megasa (Zaragoza), numerous improvements have been made to it:

– The replacement of one of the plant’s main screens for higher production output has been one of the most important.

– The modification of the access ramp to the feeders, built with prefabricated concrete blocks. A very important change that will allow the plant to be fed with a loader instead of a backhoe and optimise costs and lorry loading.

Within two months, the hopper entrance grill will be replaced by a tilting one, improving safety aspects as well as helping to optimise cleaning stoppages.

There are also plans to start building concrete blocks, made from recycled concrete, which will be used for different functions in the plant: storage boxes, protection for the bases of the conveyor belts, safety walls, etc. In this way, we are helping to recycle waste, giving it great added value.

As a result of these renovations, the plant plans to increase its production from 53t/h to 84t/h, an increase of 58.4% of its capacity.

Ariblack is part of the PROMSA GREEN family, a 100% recycled aggregate from the crushing of steel slag. It was awarded, in 2015, with the first prize of ANEFA (National Association of Aggregates Manufacturers) in the section “Contribution to the Economy/Value added to Society”, thanks to its characteristic origin and its capacity to replace natural aggregates. It is an innovative product that contributes to the circular economy and to the reduction of the consumption of natural resources.