Promsa’s fleet grows: new concrete mixer truck with rear steered axle

Promsa has acquired a concrete mixer truck with a unique and innovative feature: it has a rear steering axle for manoeuvring in particularly difficult areas.

Last September, Promsa unveiled the first concrete mixer lorry with rear steered axle in its entire fleet. This is also a unique Mercedes Benz model for Catalonia, and Promsa is the first company to incorporate this type of truck in its fleet of machinery. Thanks to the rotation of its rear axle, the vehicle gains in manoeuvrability, facilitating accessibility to particularly complex sites.

Prior to putting the new lorry into service, specific training was given to the driver responsible for the new lorry. The maintenance and logistics department will carry out special monitoring of the vehicle to observe its operation and assess future acquisitions of machinery with these characteristics.

The lorry is located in Promsa’s concrete plant in the Zona Franca, which covers the entire area of Barcelona, an area where lorries have to travel daily through places that are difficult to access, such as the Born, Gòtic, Gràcia, etc. neighbourhoods.

Promsa has also acquired a new loader for the Montferrer-La Seu plant and a small lorry for transporting dry mortar. Step by step, Promsa’s fleet is being modernised in order to access all the landfill sites in a safer, more sustainable and efficient way.