We are closer to you

New customer service channel, find out how to contact our SAC.

One of our main objectives is to always be available to our clients and contribute to their success. Through our services we solve possible problems or doubts that may arise in the development of the work, in the most optimal and quickest way possible.

In order to be closer to you and your needs, we have launched a new, faster and closer communication channel: WhatsApp. This medium will allow us to respond to your requests quickly and easily.

The Promsa customer service team has been on the other side of the email and telephone for more than fifteen years, we have adapted to the environment and now we will also be on the other side of WhatsApp. Enjoy the same service and choose from the different channels available.

On our website you will find the WhatsApp icon, clicking on it will take you directly to the chat with the SAC team. We invite you to learn more about our customer service via WhatsApp. Don’t hesitate to use it whenever you need us in your day-to-day work.