We have expanded our portfolio of industrial flooring solutions with the acquisition of Tecnoresil.

Acquisition through Propamsa, a business with strong growth potential and focused on construction solutions based on adhesive mortars, single-layer mortars and a wide variety of special mortars.

Through our subsidiary Propamsa, which specialises in construction solutions, we have acquired 100% of the manufacturing and distribution company for industrial and decorative flooring chemicals, Tecnoresil. With this acquisition, we reinforce our strategy of expanding our portfolio of construction solutions.

The acquisition of Tecnoresil, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, allows us to offer a wide range of continuous flooring solutions through paints, self-levelling, multi-layers or mortars formulated with epoxy resins, polyurethanes or high quality methacrylates as a definitive solution for industrial and decorative flooring, as well as natural quartz sands for industrial flooring.

“With this acquisition, Cementos Molins, through Propamsa, reinforces the strategy of expanding the range of solutions for construction. The incorporation of new products that complement our current solutions will give rise to new market opportunities, creating synergies with a target of more technical customers, providing greater value to the consultative sale”, Celia Pérez, director of global building solutions.

Thanks to this acquisition, we complement our portfolio of products and services, providing a more complete and satisfactory offer to our customers and reflecting our commitment to excellence.