We seek to minimise our environmental impact, reducing air pollution and working to preserve and protect the biodiversity of the environments in which we operate.

Goals 2030

50% reduction of channelled PM emissions up to 50 g.
40% reduction of channelled NOx emissions up to 1400 g.
10% reduction of channelled SOx emissions up to 32 g.
100% of our plants in sensitive areas of water management programmes and biodiversity programmes

How we will achieve this

  • Analytical monitoring of alternative fuels
  • Continuous emission measurement in factories and emission reduction techniques
  • Water reduction and water efficiency plans
  • Biodiversity recovery and conservation through specific reforestation and restoration programmes.


We promote optimal water consumption in our facilities, as well as the recirculation and use of recycled water in production. In order to reduce the water footprint of our processes and products in regions where the availability of this resource is scarce, we implement disruptive methodologies such as AI tools that allow us to optimise consumption throughout the process.


We promote the recovery and preservation of biodiversity, focusing our efforts on the protection of fauna and flora. We take measures such as restoration and reforestation programmes, quarry rehabilitation and environmental studies, among others, in order to minimise the impact on the natural environment and ecosystems.

Social contribution