Social contribution

We aim to create value in our environment and generate well-being and wealth throughout our value chain. We work to care for our team and stakeholders and to develop the communities in which we operate, promoting the values of non-discrimination, transparency and equity.

2030 goals

100% of our operations with formal plans with the community
23% of women in management positions

How will we get it

  • Corporate volunteer programs for our collaborators
  • Alliances with different social actors
  • Measurements and action plans for employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Purchasing and contracting local services

Human rights

Our commitment to people is a priority in all the businesses and geographies in which we operate, which is why we work to respect and promote human rights throughout the entire value chain and generate a positive impact on local communities. We have redesigned our internal process to identify risks and key groups and detect opportunities for improvement in terms of working conditions, health and safety, equal opportunities and others.

Local communities

We want to promote the development and improvement of the quality of life of the local communities in which we operate, so we take measures that help us move towards a healthy environment, economic development, health and safety and peaceful coexistence.

Climate change