Circular economy

The circular economy is consolidated as a main axis of our business, following the principle of efficiency and minimisation of consumption throughout the value chain. We focus on the use of alternative raw materials and fuels, the reuse of water, thermal recovery and the recycling of aggregates and concrete, among other materials.

2030 goals

40% energy substitution
68% clinker/cement factor reduction

How will we get it

  • Prioritization of alternative fuels
  • Development of new additions to reduce the cement clinker factor
  • Promotion of waste heat recovery processes
  • Less waste generation and promotion of reuse and recycling
  • Incorporation of recycled materials in our products and processes

Alternative fuels

Our commitment to replacing traditional fuels with alternative fuels from waste allows their reincorporation into the industrial cycle as energy recovery.

Biomass is positioned as the main source of fuels of renewable origin in processes with a strong presence of wood, waste from the food industry or biosludge.

Alternative materials

We integrate alternative raw materials from byproducts and waste from other industries into our production processes as a key element of the circular economy.

The reincorporation of recycled aggregates in concrete production allows us to reduce the carbon footprint in addition to reducing the generation of construction waste and the extraction of natural raw materials.